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Nicholas James, publisher and series editor of Cv Publications, is a journalist specialising in contemporary art. He has conducted over two hundred interviews with leading artists including Mat Collishaw, Yinka Shonivare MBE, James Turrell, Jim Dine, Rachel Whiteread and others.

He has authored books and monographs on classic and contemporary art such as London Review, Damien Hirst: the Biopsy Paintings and other Works, Curators and Collections, Albion Journal and Small Histories.

He formed Cv Publications in 1992 developing titles on art, craft, travel, social studies and studio work. His commissioned authors include Edward Lucie-Smith, Marina Vaizey, James Cahill, Anne Blood and Magdalena Wasiura.

Between 1999 and 2016, with various contributors, he developed Tracks: fourteen guides for student and general readers: on career paths in financial services, health care, sciences, catering and hospitality, land and sea work, education, media paths, tourism, sports, construction and allied services. The series is available in Amazon paperbacks and audio.

In 20216/17 he developed a range of audiobooks based on his archive, using professional voice actors in the US and UK. Over one hundred titles have been released so far, distributed on Audible by ACX. There is a front and back list of over 300 titles in print published by Cv Publications.

nick emma copy.jpg

Jonathan Yeo Portrait Study (Nicole) 2007,

Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cms

Courtesy of the Artist

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