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Les Berbères


After my holiday in Morocco in 2012, I felt a terrible need to go back there and for over a year I had been looking for a way to fulfil such desire.

It was simply out of my sympathy, admiration and love for those people who have suffered immense poverty and yet who managed to be so generous and hospitable. During my research I stumbled upon a charity called “Hannan” that has been helping the Berber people in the Middle Atlas Mountains. It was established by a couple called Hannah (British) and Hmad (Moroccan); they built a school from scratch in a village called El Borj, where Hmad was born and raised, that now accommodates about 30 children aged 2-5 years old, and currently they are going through tough regulations and money raising (circa £150.000) for the new school for children aged  5-12 years old.


They desperately need volunteers to co-ordinate the existing school by helping teachers, managing the paper work, running extra French classes, basically anything that could help children and the organization to progress.


- Magdalena Wasiura


The Author Magdalena Wasiura gained a MA degree in journalism and media studies and then worked as a television presenter and reporter in Poland. Multi-lingual she has worked as a dancer, model and actress in France, Italy and England. Her previous contribution to Cv Publications includes an interview about Andy Warhol's Brigitte Bardot portraits at Gagosian Gallery 2011, and a profile of the artist Daniel Graves published in 2012.


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