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David Hockney Red Pots in the Garden 2000

Oil paint on canvas 1524 x 1930 mm

Private collection, courtesy Guggenheim Asher Associates

Copyright David Hockney

Photo Credit: Richard Schmidt

Artist Interviews 


Interviews-Artists brings together artists active in the fields of painting, drawing, photography, print and sculpture. Recorded conversations from 1989-2011 explore work in progress and the development of their practice. Patterns of personal experience link with a broader continuum of progressive ideas and show how their imaginative interventions bear on the world.


The collection of interviews with artists developed in three phases; first researched from 1988-92 and published in the quarterly review, Cv Journal of Art & Crafts. Then gathered in an anthology, Interviews with the Artists: Elements of Discourse, (editions in 1993/1996/2001/2007).

The second phase was researched from January to July 2010; the third from October 2010 to August 2011. 

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